What Are The Similarities Between Anne Frank And Gerda Weissman Klein

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Survival is being willing to do anything, defying all odds, to make it through a situation no matter how hopeless it seems. An example of survival in our own world today, is the people in the Philippines. Although the people in the Philippines didn’t experience a holocaust, they are still struggling to survive after a super typhoon ripped apart their lives. One of the most intense battles for survival in our history is the Holocaust, where Nazi Germany persecuted the European Jews. Two of the greatest survival stories during the Holocaust are the stories of Anne Frank and Gerda Weissman Klein. Both, Anne Frank and Gerda Weissman Klein’s horrific experiences during the Holocaust exemplify their outstanding courage to try and …show more content…

Gerda Weissman Klein’s story of survival has some very striking similarities to the story of Anne Frank. She lived in Poland before the Nazi occupation. Both her brother and father were deported to a concentration camp in 1942. She and her mother were forced into hiding in their basement, where they were later found and forced onto trucks that took them to two separate concentration camps. She bounced around from camp to camp for three years before she was forced on one of the Nazi’s “Death Marches.” The Nazis wanted to eliminate all signs of their sins against the Jews, so they forced those in the concentration camps to march, on foot, away from the camp to another area. More that half of the people that participated in these Death Marches died along the way. Once the reach a location, the Nazis simply abandoned that Jews, and they left them there to starve to death. Gerda survived the march, and she and her many companions were abandoned in an dilapidated factory. She was later rescued by a U.S. soldier, and she went on to marry the man that saved her. Gerda showed exemplary courage and wits in her bid for survival. She also showed determination because before her father left, he made her promise to never take her own life. She never failed this promise even though there were plenty of opportunities to end all of her suffering.

Both of these outstanding survival

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