Anne Frank Survival

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Survival is living on the hope that better things are yet to come in your life. Right now in our country people survive because of hope and the belief that people are good and they will help them out. People survive when they are homeless on the streets only because of the people who are good at heart and give them food or money to buy clothing for the winter. Gerta survived because of her family and friends. Anne Frank survived because she believed that “Despite all the evil going on in the world I still believe that all people are good at heart.”
~ Anne Frank

The Franks were a Jewish family who were living during the Holocaust. They went into hiding because Margot had gotten a letter and she was going to be taken away to a …show more content…

Her father, who always seemed to know what was on her mind, told her never to do that and never think about that again. One day her father came up to her and told her to put on her snow boots. She did as she was told, and it just so happens that a short period of time later she and other girls were forced on a “Death march,” as it was called. The march was called this because either they died on the way or they marched to their death. Gerda Klein survived this march because of her friends and her determination and hope. He was found by an american soldier, who was also Jewish. He had escaped to the U.S.A. because his family sent him there before they were captured.

Now even though Anne Frank and Gerda Klein were different people and they had different personalities, their lives had things in common. For example, They were both taking to a concentration camp and they were both planning what they were going to do once they were saved. They both had high hopes for their future, like Anne wanted to be a great writer who would be remembered even after she died. Both of their friends either died or were killed at the concentration camp. They were both surviving on little or no food for years. Gerda was a human skeleton when she was found by the american soldiers. These were just a few of the major similarities that I found.

Now they are always differences between people but i just wanted to state a few that I

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