Susan Bordo Research Paper

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Every girl at one time or another goes through a phase of self conciseness of how they look to the public eye. Susan Bordo, who is a Singletary Chair in the Humanities and is involved in woman's studies at the University of Kentucky has studied woman and how eating disorders have become a global issue in the last century. Many factors have played a part in the growing problems of eating disorders. Mirrors, magazines, TV shows, pageants and one of the most important factors, social media, all play a significant role in the beginning stages of developing eating disorders. Bordo states that what used just be a significant problem in America has become a global problem within cultures. African-American woman are always imagined and thought of as …show more content…

One example of how social media has impacted the eating disorder problem comes from Fiji. In 1998, Television became available to the residents who called Fiji home. In just that year, eleven percent of girls started throwing up and went on dietary programs. Bordo argues that now more than ever, we are taught how to live through the demonstration of pictures. Our would has become digital and we are constantly being shown the “way we are supposed to look.” Bordo also discovered that eating disorders now have been pushed onto men as well, just in a different way. Men take steroids, are constantly working out, and always are looking at ways to become more muscular. With so many enhancement services the medical field has to offer, people think it is easier to obtain their “ideal” weight, when in reality it is just a way for the medical professionals to make a profit. Bordo concludes that families, racial, and cultural backgrounds all contribute to the way a girl wants to be perceived. Yet, until we can figure out how to halt the dysfunction and twisted view of ideal bodies through images and social media, this problem will never go

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