Susan Coleman Case Study

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Today I had the wonderful time interviewing Susan Coleman. Susan Coleman who is currently employed with Robert Health Center. Susan is an Rehab Coordinator and is in charge of supervising the rehab department at Robert Health Center. Susan is OTR/L anattained her license to become an Occupational Therapist in 1993. Susan is currently living in Providence Rhode Island and holds a bachelor degree. Susan has a strong back ground history and she timley decdided to persue her passion and become a Occupational Therapist. For susan field as a rehab coordinator there is no special training but she does work with residence with different background and difficulties and assess every needs. Robert Health center was founded in 1982 it is a 66 bed facility …show more content…

The collaborative work and supervisory role between OTA and OTA is fairly the same suasan does Evaluation and set weekly goals her her clients. Susan is more hands on and focus ADL’s and IADL’s she helps clients help get dress, make recomdeation and improvements and also help clinents brush their teeth. Susan communicates with her staff and also te nursing staff to inform can’s clients weekness and needs. Susan perception of therapeutic use of self is client patient care.Susan trust her clients and they also trust susan. She values their privacy and is open minded when she gives her clients goals and assest them. Susan build trust with her clients and knows that there are things that can affect a client participation from achieving a goal . What I found most intriguing about the information that susan presented me is that master degree entry level ot will soon be non existent now you need a PHD in order to do entry level work in OT he talked about how before all you needed was a bacholar to d. entry level OT now it’s a master and pretty soon

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