A Thorough Assessment And Treatment Plan For Rhonda Essay

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In order to create a thorough assessment and treatment plan for Rhonda, a more comprehensive collection of information about Rhonda would be helpful. However, we do not always have the luxury of a complete picture of our clients. Further, clients are multifaceted and we need to remember we are predominantly only seeing them in the therapeutic setting, which limits our understanding of them (Murphy & Dillon, 2015). Even if we had an extensive intake file on Rhonda, we must always approach a client from a “not-knowing perspective”, emphasizing Rhonda is the expert on her own life, and thus decreasing the power-differential inherent in the therapeutic relationship (Murphy & Dillon, 2015, p. 204). Another factor that contributes to inadequate information is the client’s willingness to share aspects of themselves or their lives. With this in mind, developing a therapeutic relationship based on mutuality, empathy, trust, empowerment and respect is crucial, so the client is empowered to define themselves, their lives and their goals (Murphy & Dillon, 2015; Camargo, n.d.). All of this will be pertinent as we explore the following current assessment and treatment plan for Rhonda. Not to mention, we will frequently reassess this plan together with Rhonda, ensuring we are always client-centered with Rhonda guiding our work together (Murphy & Dillon, 2015; Camargo, n.d.). To begin with, Rhonda is a thirty-six-year-old Asian American woman. She was born in Los Angeles, but her

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