Susan Glaspell's Play, Trifles

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In Susan Glaspell’s play, Trifles, we look at a murder case that happens in an isolated farmhouse. Mr. Wright has been murdered while he was asleep. Someone has a strung a rope around his neck. That someone is Mrs. Wright. Trifles illustrates that men have substantially more power than women. They first start by going in to the kitchen. Everyone observes the kitchen to see that it is a mess. The men leaves the room. The ladies wonder about the kitchen. Mrs. Wright requested that the ladies bring her an apron to her. After finding the apron they both wonder around the kitchen to find that the table was half cleaned. “Mrs. Hale [Who is standing by the table.] Well, I don't see any signs of anger around here. [She puts her hand on the dish towel which lies on the table, stands looking down at table, one half of which is clean, the other half messy.] It's wiped to here.” (line 68) Mrs. Hale says that there is no sign of anger but that clearly is the case. A normal person won’t just clean half the table and leave the other half of uncleaned. There had a to be a reason for this. Even though Mrs. Hale doesn’t realize it, she was on to something. Mrs. Wright was mad at Mr. Wright so she didn’t clean his side of the table. The ladies find that Mrs. Wright had a quilt. “Mrs. Hale It's log-cabin pattern. Pretty, isn't it? I wonder if she was goin' to quilt it or just knot it?” (line 72) Mrs. Wright could have quilted it or knotted it. She ended up knotting it. Ms.…
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