Sushi Retraurant Business Plan Essay

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Sample Business Plan
This is a sample business plan that I completed by myself for a Entrepreneur class in my Senior year of high school. Unlike most students, I was really excited to plan and organize my ideas so my plan ended up being much longer then expected. All the numbers I used were, for the most part, actual prices and I spend hours alone just number crunching. It was worth it in the end when I had my final copy! I apologize in advance for awkward spacing, numbering, and indents. Some things like pictures and flow charts were lost throughout the transfer from Word.
Shifuku Sushi Bar Business Plan
Concept History and Background
1. A. Description of Service
The Shifuku Sushi Bar, located on 400 Wood Street in Pittsburgh, PA,
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Basically, I imagined walking into a Subway only to find itamae’s rolling sushi and steaming rice. I believe the idea of having carry-out sushi will appeal to many customers. Not only does it alleviate cravings fast, but it is time efficient for people on their lunch breaks or on the run. By not limiting Shifuku Sushi to take-out, I also am allowing customers to lounge around and enjoy their sushi in a relaxed environment with WiFi capabilities.
The reasoning behind the location, Pittsburgh, PA, simply serves that my father was raised there and I knew there was a lack of good Japanese restaurants. The location of 400 Woods Street is perfect because it is right downtown and has easy access.
1. Summary of Experience
While I have never worked in a sushi restaurant, I do have extensive knowledge on sushi and related foods. As a sushi fanatic, I usually have sushi at least two times a week and love to explore different restaurants that serve in varying styles. While the popular rotating sushi bar seems to be quite a hit, I find that the majority of the food is the common Western Sushi like California Rolls, Salmon Rolls, or Spicy Shrimp Rolls. The more exotic sushi is hard to come by unless you visit a fancy restaurant. Not only have I had Western Sushi, but I have indulged in Chirashizushi which is sushi rice with different foods on top like vegetables and sushi such as Futomaki and Hosomaki. I understand the preparations
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