Sustainability Royal Dutch Shell Essay

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Table of Contents Page

1. Executive Summary2

2. Introduction3

3. Definition of Sustainability…….3

4. An Overview of Sustainability ………...……4

5. Shell’s Strategic Approach to Sustainability6

6. Literature focusing three sustainable issues9

7. Theory/Models used to evaluate Shell’s response to sustainability12

8. Recommendation on What Shell could do to become a sustainable business14

9. Conclusion15

10. References 17

Executive Summary

Sustainability in companies is a broad subject. In order …show more content…

Shell’s sustainable development strategy takes a long term and short term approach which ensures that economics, environment and social considerations are implemented within its decision making process (Report2010, 2010).

This report will define sustainability, give an overview of sustainability, discuss Shell’s strategic approach to sustainability, review three sustainable issues, discuss theories and models used to evaluate Shell’s response to sustainability, recommend what Shell could do to become a sustainable business and lastly will draw its conclusion.

Definition of Sustainability

The introduction of the term “sustainable” into the political language came about in a report titled “The limits to growth” in 1972 by the Club of Rome. Club of Rome was an international association which consisted of scientists, business executives, public officials and scholars. “Sustainable” is defined by the writers as a model of output that represents a sustainable world system which does not have a dynamic collapse. It is able to meet the basic material requirements that are needed by the environment (Meadows et al, 1972).

However, the term “sustainability” has several definitions. One, being the ability of people and organisations to preserve the remaining natural resources and use these resources wisely in order to sustain an environmentally healthy future. The

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