Sustainability and Walmart

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Walmart Stores, Inc.
Strategic Initiative
Preston Burrell, Sue Ford, Ketia Francois, Chris Hiniker, George Lance
July 29, 2013
Laura Haase

Walmart’s Strategic Initiative Strategic planning is a goal of most if not all companies that exist. Some may use this form of planning on a small scale and meet about things such as improving satisfaction ratings or improving the company’s website. Others meet about larger goals that can change and improve the image and branding of a company. That is the case with Walmart. According to Walmart (2013), the company has been issuing a Global Responsibility Report since 2005. This report covers many areas of importance to Walmart such as talent development, healthier foods,
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The company has created SVN networks to get feedback from internal and external stakeholders. They come together to develop solutions and deliver tangible results that made a difference for the business. According to “Walmart, 2013”, “Those suppliers who partner with us in building a responsible supply chain will be the suppliers who will grow with us” (Sustainability Index).
Walmart’s strategic planning initiatives ensure a vast influence of their financial planning. Though Walmart places a massive significance on valuing its goods at very low-slung prices, this also marks their extra actions to be well-organized in a particular mode to exploit on the general earnings (“Walmart”, 2009). The company’s pricing policy has prepared employers in to be the marketplace forerunner in the United States. The tactical preparation creativities of the organization rely an outcome based on its values and total trades. This company consumes segment growth that can be exposed to different supplies that will broaden Walmart’s current stores, and alter the locations of the company distribution centers. In this case it creates a panel that requires a large amount of sum of principal. The high cost load for the extension of their stores has to be less; these initiatives have proven to be highly active on a complete foundation (“Walmart”, 2009). Though this might not build a short-range
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