Sustainable Economic Development And Trade

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Committee: ECOFIN Topic: Sustainable Economic Development and Trade, Improving International Credit markets Country: Indonesia School: The Masters School Delegate: Myles Ward Topic 1: Sustainable Economic Development and Trade The goal of this committee for many years for sustainable economic development has been to rapidly increase productivity and trade without overusing resources or sacrificing the future economy. Developing a country can get messy and the people at the top hungry for fast results or in this case looking to develop quickly to compete on a global scale will completely disregard workers human rights, strip citizens of their land, resources and destroy the environment. That is why Indonesia firmly believes people who are in poverty are affected most by unstainable development, therefore industrializing and trade must be done in a controlled and thoughtful manner. With Indonesia being the world’s largest producer of palm oil this billion dollar business is also mixed with corruption and inadequate law enforcement from our government. With vast amounts of deforestation occurring from various companies for the creation of plantations less than 10% of palm oil produced a year is actually sustainable. To be exact between 2000 – 2010 52 million cubic meters of wood have been cut down for plantations with an additional 39 million cubic meters being cut illegally. Indonesia urges ECOFIN to help workers sustain their human rights and dignity to the poor innocent
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