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Written over 50 years ago, was a declaration made, promising equality and fair treatment for the working, which unfortunately turned out to be a false promise for some. The people I speak of, are our fellow human beings working in slave-like conditions called sweatshops. Sweatshops have always been prevalent in society, this can be shown by looking at the history of sweatshops. Presently organizations are failing in there strive to end sweatshops, companies are failing to abide by the moral code (apparel industry code), there is an ever growing gap between rich and poor, and consumers are continuing to buy the companies products and remain unaware.

     Sweatshop is a term for makeshift factories where
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Feminists against sweatshops focus more on women in sweatshops, than child labor. UNITE is helping workers form unions to get the fair labor conditions they deserve. Making their own union, UNITE already has over 500 members who are fighting for better wages, decent conditions and other rights. They have rallied for things like “The New York City Council passes anti-sweatshop legislation for City uniforms.”(Ref 1). They have training programs and give many good ideas towards making a statement, and things we as people can do to help. The United Students Against Sweatshops (or USAS), is an international student movement that involves individual students from campuses all over America and Canada fighting for sweatshop free labor conditions and workers' rights. The University of Toronto has it’s own version of this, and offers ideas on how you can start your own group (refer to appendix A). NO Sweat offers the most out of all these organizations. They have reports on garment enforcement going back to 1995. Although it mainly focuses on sweatshop conditions for American workers, it’s making the most difference, probably because they are so close to home. Although there have been many successes for these groups, all these efforts and many more, have still not put a stop to the issue of sweatshops.

     In sweatshops, workers work seven days a

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