Sweeney Among the Nightingales

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Leonardo Rubio English 12 Period 6 1/2/11 Sweeney Among the Nightingales This essay is written as a reader response to the poem written by T. S. Eliot, Sweeney Among the Nightingales. Unlike many other poems of his time, T. S. Eliot’s intention was to portray man as vulgar or mundane and having a pessimistic or cynical attitude. T. S. Eliot may have had a different view of life and people than other poets. He may not have viewed man as heroic or romantic, but more crude and reprehensible. It is difficult to say exactly what T. S. Eliot was trying to convey or express through his poetry, because he wrote many inferences, which left a lot of his writing open to interpretation. He may have written much of his work as an outlet to his…show more content…
The comparison to animals can make the character appear more barbaric or vulgar. This can also make him look somewhat of a bad person. The writer appears to make Sweeney look vulgar when he places him in what appears to be a brothel. Sweeney is also made to look as if he is paranoid. Sometimes paranoia or guilt is caused by past traumas. Sweeney’s character or personality is made to look distrustful, bad and vulgar. This could have been how the writer envisioned men in general. There are two females also in the poem. The two females appear to be in a brothel, so they may be thought of as prostitutes or whores. The reason one may think that they are prostitutes is because one of the females tries to sit on Sweeney’s lap right in the beginning. She also fell and Sweeney did not help her. It also appears that they did not know each other. The two females are made to look as if they are plotting against Sweeny. This makes the two females appear as if they cannot be trusted. There are other characters in this poem. They appear to have more of a silent role. The poem talks about other figures, but does not name them. It is somewhat difficult to understand if some of the other figures are other men or if they are referring to Sweeney. There is for sure a waiter in the poem. He appears to be an innocent bystander. He is just mentioned when he brings out food to the table. He does not appear to be important or necessary to the meaning of the poem. This
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