Essay on Sweeney Todd

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Dynamic characters are characters which go through substantial changes, typically due to a traumatic or powerful experience. In Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street, by Hugh Wheeler, the character known as Sweeney Todd is arguably a dynamic character; Due in part, heavily, to having his tendencies of being entirely self-motivated and caring nothing for anyone but himself ripped away as he discovers he murdered his wife. Sweeney Todd at the beginning of the play obviously seems to care nothing for anyone except revenge for the supposed murder of his wife. Nearing the end of the play, He still has that same primary concern for revenge no matter what the cost. However, at the very end of the play when he discovers his wife dead, he …show more content…

Lovett, through nothing short of hard work and a seemingly magical tendency to not get caught in the act. Sweeney's daughter, Joanna, is his only remaining link to his wife as far as he is aware, yet regardless of that fact, he is more than willing to put her and Anthony directly in harm's way via a cunning plan, so that he may get the opportunity to murder the judge. Sweeney Todd shows absolutely no loyalties to anyone and would go so far as sacrificing the last of his own flesh and blood. Sweeney ignores opportunities to speak with his daughter and even threatens to severe her jugular when he feels she is getting in the way or becoming a risk to him. Mrs. Barker, or Sweeney Todd's wife, is dead as far as he is aware, but he gets into direct confrontations with her numerous times and just pushes her away; blinded to her existence as his long-lost wife. Sweeney Todd pays no attention to the identity of the woman whom seems to bother and fondle everyone she meets while begging for change. However, if he hadn't been so distracted with his revenge he might have noticed that thewoman whom stood in front of him was none other than his wife from many years earlier. It becomes hard to picture a scene in which any right-minded individual could look into the eyes of a long-lost spouse and murder them without becoming privy to the knowledge that they are past partners.

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