Character Changes InThe Diary Of Anne Frank And The Devil's Arithmetic

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In the play, The Diary of Anne Frank, and the novel The Devil’s Arithmetic, characters undergo many changes throughout their stories. Anne Frank from the play The Diary of Anne Frank and Hannah Stern from The Devil’s Arithmetic are both dynamic and round characters. A round character is a well developed, usually main, character and a dynamic character is a character who changed throughout the book. In the play, Anne goes from being a rude and childish/immature girl to a thoughtful, brave young woman, and in The Devil’s Arithmetic, Hannah undergoes the change of being impatient and disrespectful to being understanding and sentimental. In the play, The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne is a dynamic character who is disrespectful and immature in the beginning of the play. When Anna had a nightmare in the beginning of the play, her mother came into her room to comfort her. Her mother offered Anne water and to stay with her until she fell asleep, but Anne said it wasn’t necessary to stay. When Mrs. Frank stated, “But I’d like to start with you . . . Very much. Really.” Anne replied, “I’d rather you didn’t” (398). This scene demonstrates Anne is both immature and rude because she rejects her mother’s help. Her mother is likely very hurt by this rejection, especially since, as her mother leaves the room, Anne asks for her father instead. In the end of the play, Anne shows she is a dynamic character by displaying the character traits brave and thoughtful. While Peter and Anne

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