Swing Dance Papers

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The quotes “For most people, social dancing begins in pleasure,” and “Of course, people sometimes feel pressure to dance in ways that are otherwise associated with pleasure; social dancing can serve many functions in a society,” from Chapter 4 of Dancing: The Pleasure, Power, and Art of Movement (Jonas 2003), peaked interest in me when thinking of all the various dance forms that we have talked of in class and even those outside of class. One in particular that has interested me the most is swing dance. With family member involvement in the past and having multiple friends take part in the Swing Dance Club here on the Wayne State University Campus for pleasure, enjoyment and social interaction has made me want to go more in depth about it. With the help from academic sources and knowledge from class lectures I will be researching the history of swing dancing, the forms of swing dancing, and what gender roles take place within these movements. According to The Edinburgh University Swing Dance Society of the Edinburgh University Students' Association, Swing dancing is a style of dance that was originated from Harlem, New York with Afro-American Roots. Although originating with Afro-American Roots, I do know that many other cultures and races take part in this form of social dance, and it is not segregated to one race specifically. When in the act of this dance, one should feel as if they are “swinging.” Swing Dancing developed as a swing style from jazz music from around
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