Choreographic Methods Of The Jdson Dance Theatre Analysis

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Choreographic Methods of the Judson Dance Theater Sally Banes is an American writer and dance historian and critic. She is also a professor of theater history and dance studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Banes has written multiple books and contributed to many documentaries and films. The book Moving History / Dancing Cultures, which Banes contributed to, includes the article “Choreographic Methods of the Judson Dance Theater”. This book was published in 2001. Banes introduces her topic by addressing the Judson Dance Company’s main values and goals. She points out that their main goal was to challenge the strict form of ballet as well as American modern dance. The Judson Dance Theater focused on new instead of old and creativity instead of experience. Another main goal was to explore every possible choreographic method or process to the best of their ability. They desired to emphasize the choreographic process as a time of great creative opportunity, and that it was not just the tedious, time-consuming work that comes before what many view as the more important aspect of rehearsing and performing a piece. Banes goes on to give different recounts from previous students including Trisha Brown and Robert Dunn. After reading the article, the main point seems to be introducing the reader to the Judson Dance Theater and investigating their influence on the dance world. In the section pertaining to Dunn’s choreography class, Banes discusses the topic of chance

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