Swiss Army Man And The Myth Of Cain And Abel

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Swiss Army Man & the Myth of Cain and Abel
In the first book of the bible, the Book of Genesis, readers are introduced to the characters of Cain and Abel. The myth of Cain and Abel relates to jealousy and rage, and how there are always consequences for our actions. The morals that can be learned from Cain an Abel are still relevant today, but in another format, such as in the poster for the 2016 film Swiss Army Man. The Swiss Army Man poster and the myth of Cain and Abel have overlapping themes, such as death and isolation. These themes are still prominent today, and the poster can serve as a modern day take on the centuries old myth.
The myth of Cain and Abel originates from the bible, and is best known for being a story of firsts. Cain …show more content…

God favored Abel 's sacrifice of milk and meat over Cain 's offering of fruits. This angered Cain, and presumably out of jealously, he murdered his brother, Abel. Just as Cain was the first physical birth in the bible, Abel is the first recorded death (and murder) of the bible. God questions Cain on the death of Abel, and Cain lies and tells God that he did not murder his brother.
Although is has been interrupted in multiple ways, it is ultimately believed that Cain 's jealously of God favoring his brother 's sacrifice in relation to his own is what lead to his rage and commitment of murder. A main moral in the myth of the story of Cain and Abel is that jealously can lead to sin. Cain 's jealously of Abel is what causes him to lash out, and later lie to God about his actions to cover up his original sins.
Roland Barthes ' analysis of the Pazini ad in "Rhetoric of the Image" explains that the by "putting aside the linguistic message, we are left with the pure image" (Barthes, 34). By ignoring the words written on the image, the poster for the film Swiss Army Man (2016) depicts two characters on an isolated green area, with water in the foreground and a faded skyline in the background. Although they equally share the green area, one character is straight up, while the other is hunched over.
The one with straight body language is wearing brighter

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