Swot Analysis Of Carleton University 's Macodrum Library

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Located in Canada’s capital, Carleton University’s MacOdrum Library is situated in a prime location for students and the community -- even having a dedicated stop along the light rail system known as the OTrain. The library is minutes from downtown and various cultural institutions such as the Canadian War Museum, the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Museum of History, the Royal Canadian Mint, Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and the Canadian Museum of Nature. Being in Ottawa also gives MacOdrum Library a strong connection to federal government departments. This helps to encourage Carleton’s strong academic programs such as journalism, public affairs and international affairs (, 2015).
Space is now one of MacOdrum’s greatest features. As previously discussed in the Funding portion, one of MacOdrum’s most current strengths lie in the elements of it’s brand new renovation and expansion. Over 74,000 square feet of space was added and an additional 34,700 square feet of existing space was renovated. Nine new reading rooms and one thousand additional seats were just some of the additions to the library. MacOdrum Library recently underwent a $27 million renovation ($16 million of which came from the Government of Ontario) which includes approximately 34,700 square feet of renovated space. Two floors were added to the west side of the library totaling 45,700 additional square feet and the east addition is five stories totaling 28,500 square feet.

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