Swot Analysis Of Doughnut Time ( 2016 )

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Doughnut Time (2016) is a Brisbane based company, specialising in a variety of premium desserts that capitalise on the use of social media, unique locations and offerings (refer to table 1). Despite desserts being considered non-essential, high levels of competition and healthy eating trends (refer to table 1), the business has successfully established itself within the fast food and dessert industry, which is set to grow in the next five years (Tonkin, 2016). The company has a distinctive vintage flair, yet modern take on doughnut names and designs, becoming popular on social media (Doughnut Time, 2016). It’s vintage vans and small ‘hole in the wall’ stores make the company sort after, and appear unique from a large number of competitors…show more content…
Despite these statistics only 31% of SME businesses actively operate a social media engagement strategy, this is an opportunity for the already tech-savvy company (Ravensdale, 2015). Doughnut Time 's social media team regularly posts photos of its gourmet treats on Instagram, where it has more than 80,000 followers, as well as on Facebook, where the Doughnut Time page has received more than 55,000 (Schlesinger, 2016). When analysing these main factors, Doughnut Time appears to be posed for product development, taking advantage of opportunities through the use of menu innovation and promotion deals (Newstex, 2014). II. MARKETING GOAL To increase the sales volume of Doughnut Time by 15% in 6 months III. MARKETING STRATEGY Doughnut Time’s domestic target audience is consumers between the ages of 15-24 who live in urban locations where Doughnut Time is accessible (Stone, 2016). This segment is comprised of high school students, university students and new practitioners (Tonkin, 2016). According to Tonkin (2016), consumers in this demographic are a key market for the fast food industry and provide stability and revenue growth. This target audience is suitable for Doughnut Time as these consumers are less health-conscious than older counterparts and are strongly affected by technology and economics (Tonkin, 2016). Often this age group uses social media and applications to interact with providers and

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