Swot Analysis Of Xyz Manufacturing Company

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As the CEO of XYZ Manufacturing Company (XYZ) since 2006, a business boards company based in Baltimore, Maryland. From the creation of XYZ, I have dreamed that the company would grow internationally. Business boards are replacing overhead projectors and blackboards and are more convenient and easily transported from one office to another. XYZ has developed a business plan that shows economic growth in entering an untapped market in Turkey. The client base in the United States is tremendous, but the ability to expand our client base overseas has an enormous opportunity globally. Turkey has an emerging market of business entrepreneurs and our product would enhance their business objectives. The country’s increased trade, economic development, and geographic placement has made Turkey a favorable country with which to expand globally (Embassy of the United States Ankara Turkey, 2014).
XYZ’s mode of business is business boards and has chosen to enter Turkey by establishing a manufacturing plant. Establishing sales through businesses already established in the U.S., United Kingdom, and Turkey; and expanding in the established business markets. Our boards are used by businesses, governments, hospitals, and teachers in situations where information is written down for multiple individuals to view. The boards are used to write messages, strategies, or any kind of information the client wants to write down. The boards come in various sizes; our most popular business…

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