Swot Analysis : Walmart Inc.

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Walmart is a company that most people have heard of; it is one of the largest retail corporations with 11,527 retail units as of 29 February 2016, 4,573 within the United States, 651 Sam’s clubs, and 6,303 Walmart internationals.(“Our Locations,” n.d.) This report aims to take a brief look at the Walmart Corporation; it’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats along with an environmental analysis, five forces analysis and a look at strategy formation. Company Background: The History of Walmart Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas, founded Walmart in 2 July 1962, the goal was to provide good service and lower costs. “Saving people money so they can live better” is the slogan Walmart adheres to and is a driving force behind all the…show more content…
Social Social factors include the quality of products and social standards of a host country. Within modern life in the United States face paced efficiency is key and people want convenience and variety. (“Walmart ramps up mobile in-store strategy to save customers time - Mobile Commerce Daily - Multichannel retail support,” n.d.) Technological Technology is forever changing and evolving, Walmart is able to keep up with this through its information systems and electronic departments. Walmart has taken advantage of the Internet through its online stores and mobile phone applications.(“Walmart Mobile,” n.d.) Combining social and technological Walmart uses social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest to promote the products they offer.(“How Walmart uses Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+,” n.d.) Legal Legal issues that Walmart has or will face include when moving to a new country new and more laws, which makes operating more costly and time consuming. Also Walmart has had some issues with paying workers poorly and has been met with lawsuits for the latter along with gender discrimination, harassment, and low wages. (Ungar, n.d.) Environmental Environmental issues are paramount at the moment, recycling and contamination issues along with animal testing. Walmart has coped with this through having recycling centres and animal
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