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Umbro | Parent Company | Nike Inc | Category | Apparel and Accessories | Sector | Lifestyle and Retail | Tagline/ Slogan | Go Out There; Tailored by | USP | English Football tailoring | STP | Segment | Apparel for athletics | Target Group | Athletes who play football | Positioning | Sportswear and football equipment brand | SWOT Analysis | Strength | 1. Presence in around 90 countries2. Enduring presence of 85 years in Manchester with launch of kits for them3. Strong management as it is a subsidy of Nike4. Strong brand equity and financial position
5. Excellent branding and advertising through | Weakness | 1. High brand switching among customers with many other powerful sports brands available2. Limited presence in …show more content…

The company should make long term agreements with manufacturing units to reduce backlog and other issues.
2. Increase global penetration
3. Tie-ups with sports academies, schools etc | Threats | 1. Similar products available in other brands.2. The company might face trade barriers and currency fluctuations since it imports all the products from its manufacturing units. | Competition | Competitors | 1. Puma2. Nike3. Adidas
4. Fila
5. Reebok |

Converse | Parent company | Nike | Category | Apparel and accessories | Sector | Lifestyle and retail | Tagline/ slogan | Band and Of Ballers; All star –shoes, we have got you covered-clothes | Usp | Trendy and vibrant sports apparel for men and women | STP | Segment | Men and women sporting casual sports apparels | Target group | Converse loyal customers and other SEC A men and women in the age group of 18-24 sporting casual wear | Positioning | America 's Original Sports Company | SWOT analysis | Strength | 1. Mid premium segment apparels, shoes and other accessories for the youth with good adveritisng2. Range captures international designs and trends and also special editions are launched for special occasions.3. The shoes and the skate boards come in customizable designs
4. The company has a long history since 1908 and a huge loyal customer base.5. The company has partnered with a NGO called RED, working for AIDS relief in Africa.6. Famous sports

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