Symbolic Interactionism And Media Analysis

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The concept of generalized other was first introduced by George Mead, to further explain symbolic interactionism. It relates to the expectations that one may have on the action and thoughts of others. It also refers to a person’s recognition that other society members hold certain values and expectations about expected behavior. These expectations are generally shaped by different factors such as the media or everyday observations that may be correct or incorrect.
In the world today, a lot of terrorism activities have been witnessed with thousands of innocent people being victims. This has led to a belief shared by many that Muslims are generally terrorists. This may have come due to the fact that a lot of terrorism activities are carried out by Muslim extremists but that does not qualify everyone practicing Islam as a terrorist. An article by Pritchard (2015) indicated that a lot of British Muslims feel that they are often associated with actions of extremism and little attention is given to the positive actions they participate in. Of course, in some ways, the fact that few
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Even with all the negative actions going on, it is important to give a full account on those responsible while emphasizing that their principles are misguided and separate from what the other Muslims practice. After all, it is not unheard of for Christians to participate in extremism and yet nobody holds every Christian accountable for their wrongs. While the concept of generalized other in society may have little impact on the lives of people, a negative generalization such as this one has far reaching consequences on the Muslims and those living around them. As such, the media should uphold a code of ethics that demands that due care to be taken especially when the issue being reported is sensitive and likely to cause a negative social
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