Symbolism In Beauty And The Beast

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In literature it is common to use an object to represent something else more deeply. It is, was is known as symbolism. Looking at things in more detail may make the story take a turn your head in what it represents. Beauty and the Beast is a great example of this because it has so many hidden meanings in terms of the characters. More specifically in “Beauty and the Beast,” by Beaumont, the sisters, the father, and Beast to symbolize selfishness. In Beauty and the Beast, we come across a family that lose all their fortune and are forced to live a lower lifestyle than what accustomed to. The father has an opportunity to go make some money to possibly live the way they did before. On his way back from the journey comes across some trouble and is kindly given hospitality in a castle. Once he is ready to leave he starts to embark on the journey back home. Which is when remembers that one of his daughters, Beauty asked for a rose and on the way out of the place there just happens to be a rose bush. Before he can think of anything else, Beast confronts him about taking a rose. He believes he has given enough already. In return of Beast not killing the father, he asks for his daughter in exchange. The father refuses but when he gets home he mentions what happens to his children and Beauty volunteers to go in order to protect her father. Beauty eventually starts to fall in love with Beast and in the mist of it all, they get married. Pride is something that can be seen as a pro and
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