Symbolism In Border Crossing

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In ‘Border Crossing’ many techniques and themes are used to communicate thought-provoking messages to the audience as they are relevant in today’s society. In particular, characterisation and symbolism are used to demonstrate concepts about relationships and death and how the two are often intertwined. Chicken necks symbolise the repercussions of Danny’s relationship with his father and how it shaped his moral circles and later on, the murder. Tom and Danny’s relationship is constantly intertwined with death, including a murder, Danny’s suicide attempt, and fire. Tom is aware of Danny encroaching himself in on his life, but becomes lenient towards this fact due to the development of their relationship. Tom and Danny share numerous characteristics …show more content…

Danny is captivated by fire and always prefers an open, uncontrolled flame from a match. As opposed to a controlled flame from a lighter, much as he does not like being controlled in all aspects of his life, even his rehabilitation. “In any relationship, but especially with an adult, he had to be in control… He was very, very good at getting people to step over that invisible border. Lambs to slaughter.” Danny controls each affiliation that he is a part of especially those in which affect his life, such as Tom and his hospitalisation. Danny himself is a very uncontrollable character much as an open flame, as he prefers to be the person in control in each situation. With a match, he is the one in control of the uncontrollable material. He chooses whether it can be a harmless or dangerous situation, much as he does in his relationships. At the time of Danny’s arrival at Tom’s house, he was in a state of worry of being found by the media and questioned about the murder. When Danny sets a fire in Tom’s house whilst he is sleep walking, it is a demonstration of how similar he is to the flame. When he loses control of his own emotions, he also releases the flame to its own

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