Symbolism In The Lottery By Tessley Hutchinson

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Shirley Jackson was an American writer. She wrote many books but, “The Lottery,” published on June 26, 1948, received an extensive amount of attention by readers. “The Lottery” was the first short story that Jackson wrote. This story was about a small town where there is a tradition of the lottery. The lottery has been happening for over seventy-seven years and is practiced by every member of the town; It declared who would be stoned to death that year. Jackson, the author, makes it seem as if the lottery was about winning money. Who would have known that the plot of the story was to stone someone? Although the thought of the lottery was not what it seemed, most of the people and objects used in this story symbolized different meanings. In this story, Tessie Hutchinson symbolizes as a passive and free spirit woman. Tessie stood out from the start. On the day of the lottery, everyone seems to have been on time but, Tessie Hutchinson was a bit late. Her excuse for being late was that she did not what to leave her dishes, which she was washing, in the sink. Other than her being late, there are other ways that she stood out. Other than most people; Tessie was excited about the lottery and was ready to attend it every year. When her husband pulled the paper that had the black spot on it, she began to argue and protest that Mr. summers did not give him enough time. At this point, she is feeling different about the lottery, because everything is turning on her and her family.

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