Symbolism In 'The Tale Of The Enchanted King'?

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The story, “The Tale of the Enchanted King”, is about how the King is turned into half man half stone because his wife cheated on him. The king discovered his wife cheating outside the city walls and sliced the lover’s throat to kill him, but the sword only cut the skin and flesh. Because of this, the wife came home and eventually but a spell on the king, turning him into half man and half stone. The scene when the king follows his wife to the city gate and follows her still to find her with her lover is ironic. The imagery depicts a poor citizen’s shack with minimal furniture and luxury, yet the wife treats the black man as if he was a king. The king saw the hut that was “built with palm leaves, leading to a domed structure built with sun-dried bricks” (57). The king does not express how large the structure is, so the reader must interpret that his/her own way. The king also notices that the new-found lover sits on “reed shavings and dressed in tatters” (57). This man does not have enough money to dress like a king, yet the king’s wife treats him like royalty. The wife “kissed the ground before him,” which is the way to greet people of royalty. The wife greets this “king” by saying “’O my lord and lover’” (57). Here, she even admits that this man, “a decrepit black man,” is of higher status than she, the wife of the king. The wife goes on to explain to her “lord and lover” why she is late. She tells him that she is married to her cousin, “who finds me most
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