Symbolism Of 'Color In The Giver'

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Character Analysis Essay In the novel, The Giver, receiving colors was a very important part of the story, but what did those colors represent to a boy who had never once seen them before? Love? Hate? Rebelion? Now it's time for you to see those colors in a whole new light… In the point of view of a 12 year old, an unexpecting 12 year old.
About the time in the novel when Jonas began to feel love and passion for another, he began to see red, and out of all the colors, it is probably the most meaningful.. For this reason, I believe the first emotion he felt was love even if he didn’t realize it. His parents said he needed to take “stirrings” pills, which I believe are to keep people from loving another considering that the elders pick your husband/wifes. Red also represents blood. Jonas realizes that red isn’t always love, it represents death. Loss. everything wrong about the world. Another color that represents serious emotions to Jonas is …show more content…

White is neutral, he saw white in his memory of snow. The exhilarating ride down the hill of snow was probably one of the most joyful experience of his whole life. The cold air blowing against his face, the snow falling on his bare back. But white also symbolizes the death of a creature he had never before seen, an elephant. A couple of hunters killed the animal only for the ivory. Then Jonas witnessed the caring soul of another elephant as it mourned the dead. The white is the tusks of the magnificent creature as they hacked of its head. The memory was one that truly hurt him, “...he watched them hack the tuss from a motionless elephant on the ground and haul them away…spattered with blood…”
In conclusion, the colors of the old world truly symbolized everything there is to know about life. Happiness, sadness. Love, pain. Birth, death. All are included in the rainbow of colors, but most do not think of the symbolism behind the rainbow of the life we life

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