Symbolism Shaped My Faith And Beliefs In This World

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Unit 1: Activity 6:
Assignment 2: Important Symbols In My Life
Symbol Description Illustration Example Of How The Symbol Helped Shaped My Faith and Beliefs In This World
Crucifix The Crucifix is the symbol of the Catholic faith. It represents the death of our Saviour Jesus Christ. The death for our sins and a sacrifice for humanity. A sacred symbol of remembrance of Christ used throughout the Catholic Religion. At a time of stress such as writing an exam. There are many difficult questions. After asking for help from the teacher, I still find myself struggling for the solution to a question. As I glanced up at the front of the classroom I see the crucifix. I remembered that Jesus is the only person who can help me pass this tough time. Having a strong faith, I devote a minute to ask Jesus for help. Moments later I noticed a hint of the solution to my question in the following question. I quickly wrote it down and was confident it was
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It not only symbolizes Christ but it is Christ himself. We receive it during mass and consume it as a sign of Jesus purifying our bodies and cleansing us from sin and evil. Before I had my First Communion I did no really understand the importance of receiving the Eucharist in our Faith. Catechism and preparation for the sacrament of Holy Communion have enabled me to truly understand its significance. To this day, I truly believe that when the priest celebrates the Liturgy of the Eucharist that consubstantiation takes place and the presence of Christ is there. This experience every week at Mass allows me to remember why I go to mass each week.
The Sacred Heart of Jesus The Sacred Heart Of Jesus is a symbol of Jesus’ love for all humanity. We see the crucifix again as Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us. The thorns depict the suffering and pain Jesus has endured for his Love is forever strong.
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