Symbolism in the Secret Lion

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Symbolism in "The Secret Lion"
"The Secret Lion," written by Alberto Rios, is a short story rich in symbolism. The lion, or more specifically a secret lion, the arroyo, or river, and the grinding ball are all symbols used in the story to reinforce the theme of coming of age.
The first and most obvious symbol in the story is the lion, or more specifically, the secret lion. It is not a literal lion. The lion of the story represents things that are big and the secret of it is that it is unexplained, or even ignored. It suggests change, and it is a change that is big and confusing. The secret lion is a symbol of coming of age and understanding that with change there is loss, and to hold onto something, it must be secret. The narrator …show more content…

This ball represents perfection in an imperfect environment, and at this time, anything that good wasn't meant to last, because it would be taken away. Like their childhood. Like their whole perception of their whole world. This ritual, the burial of the ball, is an attempt to stop time, and to preserve perfection in an imperfect world. It was so perfect that they did not want to loose it, "We buried it because it was

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