Symbols In The Pearl By John Steinbeck

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Ordinary, dull and uninteresting is the work of literature that lacks the usage of symbols. All the writers of creative imagination use symbolism to convey their ideas which will help readers to understand their work. On the other hand, symbols could be anything. They could be characters or even colors in order to represent abstract ideas or concepts that directly serve the themes of a literary work. Throughout The Pearl, readers can easily notice John Steinbeck's powerful skills in using symbols in the novel and how he portraits them to play an important role in highlighting different themes and gathering new meanings which deeply enhances that plot. Therefore, Steinbeck uses characters, objects and music in what it only seems to be a simple story about a pearl diver who finds a giant pearl to give readers a chance to interpret things on a much deeper level. The aim of this paper is to give readers who are…show more content…
Through symbols, Steinbeck offers the reader a clearer look at life and its content. The paper's focus will be on the usage of characters, objects and music as forms of symbols to indirectly display the hidden meanings used in the story. In order to explain the symbols in The Pearl, Steinbeck has used the main character Kino, the doctor and the priest. To further explanation, one of the critics who point out Steinbeck's beautiful and simplistic way of portraying Kino's character as a symbol of the common human stream of emotions is Cynthia Burkhead. In her book, Student Companion to John Steinbeck, Burkhead refers to Steinbeck's great ability to link Kino, the major character of The Pearl and his adventure with the pearl that he found with morality. According to her, throughout Kino's lost in the story, Kino recognizes the disadvantages of greed as well as the darker side of human nature
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