Symbols Of The Totem Pole

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the totem pole is a monument created by Northwest Coast Aboriginal peoples to serve variously as a signboard, and memorial. Carved of large, straight red cedar (type of wood) and painted with vibrant colours, the totem pole is emblematic of both coastal Aboriginal culture and Northwest Coast Aboriginal Art Different First Nations have their own methods of designing and carving totem poles. The Haida, for example, are known to carve creatures with huge eyes, where some would typically have narrow eyes. The Coast Salish tend to carve representations of people on their house posts, where others tend to carve supernatural beings on their poles. And all of these totem poles represent a very special and important parts of an aboriginal person.
In general, however, poles are skilfully carved of wood not stone, and are usually painted black, red, blue, blue-green and sometimes white and yellow. Poles vary in size, but house front poles can be over one metre in width at the base, reaching heights of over 20 m and generally facing the shores of rivers or the ocean.
Animal images on totem poles depict creatures from family crests. These crests
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The Khanda is identified by the most important ideas and teachings of Sikhism. The name of the Khanda comes from its unique double-edged sword that are also called a Khanda. The Divine Knowledge is represented by This double-edged sword as metaphor of it, its sharp edges cleaving Truth from Falsehood. The Chakar is explained by a circle without a beginning or an end which show us the ideal image of god. The two curved swords are called the Kirpans which surround The Chakar. The twin concepts of Temporal and Spiritual authority are symbolized by These two swords that were introduced by a Guru. A Sikh is a respected and humble person that must place on spiritual aspirations as well as obligations to society and that is very
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