Symptoms And Symptoms Of Alzheimer 's Disease

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Abstract Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder when brain cells degenerate and die. Alzheimer’s dieses destroys the patient’s memory within time. The mental functions of the brain also get destroyed when a person gets Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is most commonly seen when the patient is sixty to seventy years old. In this research paper the reader will learn about the signs and symptoms, causes, course of disease, outcome and secondary diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis and survival. Signs and Symptoms There are several different ways to tell if a person has or is getting Alzheimer’s disease. There are ten early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The first symptom is memory loss. Memory loss is the most common symptom. People with Alzheimer’s disease tend to forget new things, names, and dates of important events such as anniversaries or birthdates. Another thing that Alzheimer’s effects with memory is the short term part. This will make people with Alzheimer’s disease ask questions over and over again in anchors amount of time in between. The second symptom is having trouble to plan or solve problems, or completing familiar tasks at home. This is where it is hard for the people who have Alzheimer’s disease it is hard for them to do simple tasks such as cooking or following a recipe. Also, working with numbers such as paying the bills or balancing a checkbook. People with Alzheimer’s disease may also have trouble with doing the simple
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