Symptoms And Treatment Of Hypochondriasis Disorder

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Hypochondriasis Disorder Hunter Boumans Central Louisiana Technical Community College • DEFINITION- Also referred to as “Illness anxiety disorder (IAD)”, these patients are convinced they have a certain disorder or disease despite not having any symptoms or possibly having mild symptoms. They may worsen their symptoms on purpose or fabricate symptoms to exaggerate to the physician that they have the diseases (different from malingering because with this, they believe they have the disease). These patients are genuinely worried for their health and when medical exams reveal that there is nothing wrong with them, severe anxiety may consume them to the point that they develop an actual illness. • POSSIBLE CAUSE- The exact causes remains unknown, but is believed to be psychological impairment owning to environmental factors. • RISK FACTORS- According to Cleveland Clinic: o HX of childhood illness o HX of childhood neglect or abuse o Possible symptoms such as severe headaches o Severe life stress o Having another mental disorder (Major depression, phobia, anxiety, schizophrenia) • SIGNS/SYMPTOMS- According to Psych Central: 1. The time the disturbance has affected the person must be longer than 6 months 2. The disturbance is not better accounted for by another underlying psych disorder 3. The disorder causes distress in their work life, social life, and other areas of daily functioning. 4. Misinterpreting minor symptoms often 5. Visiting the doctor
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