Symptoms And Treatment Of The Knee Pain

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A 27 year old, male, referred to my clinic on December 2011, complaining of infertility. Patient works as a pizza maker, he has been working for approximately 7 years, a shift of 5 to 6 days weekly, 8 hours a day in a restaurant, where he is exposed to 800+ Fahrenheit degree in the kitchen oven. Patient reports he drinks alcohol beverage occasionally on weekends, but also tries to drink plenty of water throughout the day to maintain him hydrated. States his diet is not the best. Patient and his wife have been trying to conceive for over a year and a half without any luck. Secondary complaint is high stress level, occasionally feel irritable, low libido, nocturnal emission, coldness and pain in the lower back, dry and itchy genitalia area,…show more content…
However, as Kidney yin is depleted the yin of the Liver is also affected, which in turns affect the Qi of the Liver. As a result the patient’s manifestation of depression, irritability, blurred vision; anxiety and high stress level are present. The deep and weak pulse is also manifestation of Kidney yin and yang deficiency as well as blood vacuity due to Spleen Qi deficiency. The tongue also reflects the disharmony between yin and yang by appearing pink pale (yang deficiency), dark red spot (empty heat), mirror coating (yin deficiency). The final diagnose could be a combination of different patterns, such as Kidney yin, yang and jing deficiency; Liver qi, blood and yin deficiency affecting the Qi of the Spleen. Biomedical Assessment Prior acupuncture treatment a sperm analysis was performed. Analysis results indicated had not measurable sperm count ( azoospermia). A hormone test was indicated by patient’s primary doctor. Test result indicated high level of prolactin. No proof of the later was provided for this study. No further test was required by his PCP. A second sperm analysis was mandated when patient first came for acupuncture treatment, results confirmed the azoospermia diagnosis. Methodology Subject was
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