Symptoms And Treatments Of Aroma Therapy

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Aroma therapy has been speculated to have significant positive effects for calming throughout medical history. It has been known in alternative medicine to reduce anxiety, stress, and even ease physical pain. Although aroma therapy has been used in alternative medicine for decades, it is unclear what effect it has on the heart physically. What effects does aroma therapy have on the heart and what specific heart intervals are effected? How do these increments coincide with lowering heart rates and reducing stress? If the use of aroma therapy is proven effective, it may help generations of patients manage pain and stress. With future research in physiology and aroma therapy there could be a correlation found with neurotransmitters and what …show more content…

(insert in-text citation) This is an example of how aroma therapy has been proven to have a positive mental effect. Alternatively, Armaiti Salamati and collegues conducted a study to test whether or not the inhalation of lavender oil reduced the physical pain that patients encountered after they have had open heart surgery. Unfortunately, they found there to be no significance in the data that proved that inhaling lavender had any reduction of the patient’s pain after open heart surgery. (insert in-text citation) It is clear that science is having a difficult time proving the benefits of aroma therapy and coming to definitive conclusion on the effectiveness of aroma therapy. Is aroma therapy able to effect humans physically, or is it more of a mental stimulation that causes these positive feelings within most people?
For this study, students investigated how the ECG will change after a subject smells aromatherapy oils that are commonly seen as calming such as lavender and peppermint. With this data, students will also be comparing the ECG readings in regards to the subject’s stress level. Formally, the hypothesis was that if the aroma therapy oils are inhaled the overall heart rate for the subject will decrease because of the calming properties of these oils. More so, students also predicted that subjects with higher stress levels will be more susceptible to a heartrate decrease due to aroma therapy.
To test these hypotheses, students compared various

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