Synchronized Aerobics In Dance

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I ended up being in NYC for a professional conference during the last weekend of ABT's NY run at the Koch Theatre at Lincoln Center. My wife and I bit the bullet and purchased 2 last-minute tickets to see the performance on the evening of Friday, October 27, even if it included the new Millepied. Or should I make that plural - two Millepieds, if we count the intermission synchronized aerobics by JKO students and ABT Studio dancers ? The ballets on the main program included two Ratmanskys (the new Songs of Bukovina and relatively-new Serenade on Plato's Symposium), one well-known Robbins work (Other Dances) and the new Millepied (I Feel the Earth Move). Hate to report that my/our instincts were correct with the Millepied which may …show more content…

I've seen better performances of Robbins' Other Dances throughout the years but Isabella Boylston and Cory Stearns were still lovely, performing with great musical sensitivity. The staging, by former POB etoile Isabelle Guerin, ensured correct phrasing and spirit. The lad, Cory Stearns, danced with elegance and more facial excitement than I've seen from him in a while. Isabella Boylston truly floated in her slow mazurka variation, displaying a grand range of emotions and sensitivity, be it slapping the floor or waving her arms in lyrical port de bras. Delicious! The timing of the high lift-into-quick-drop in the mazurka coda (music made famous in Les Sylphides jete variation) was on the money. Exhilarating! And finally to Ratmansky's Serenade on Plato's Symposium, to Bernstein piece for full orchestra and solo violin (yes, we finally had an entire orchestra in the pit with the final ballet of the night). I see why most balletomanes love this clever, intellectual piece for seven solo males and one female who appears in one of the last movements but...not exactly something for the general paying public. (If ABT only presented ballets like Plato, it would become bankrupted very quickly.) Like Bukovina, it is a Ratmansky ballet to be seen many times to be truly appreciated, savouring every clever solo. OK,

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