Synergon Case Study

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Summary in 50 words or less:
US Financial Services Firm Synergon acquires a settled and venerable UK firm
Beauchamp, Becker & Company to grow a footprint in Europe. A clash of culture, principles, management style and general business approach has created conflict to a level where the critical and iconic Managing Director is threatening to retire.
(a) Why is the Beauchamp acquisition challenging and can this acquisition be salvaged, and if so how?
The Beauchamp acquisition is challenging because of fundamental differences in culture, principles, management style and general business approach.
Beauchamp are proud of what they are, feel what they are doing is time proven and will fight most change especially without clearly communicated and …show more content…

Employee hotel preferences can wait but
I’d want to understand from Julian how he believes he can make the targets set by Synergon; What needs to stay the same in his view and what he needs from me to implement this, I’d also be seeking his admission that to grow does require some change.
In my back pocket I would have a speech along the lines of ‘You can’t leave your loyal employees without their leader to see them through this transition never mind the

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