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Overcoming communication barriers There are four main types of barriers in communication. Any of these barriers can ruin the chances of success in any given project or task that we are trying to achieve here at XYZ Company. I was asked by our Vice President to give some suggestions and guidelines to help you avoid these barriers, which will allow your team to run more productively, with less need to take corrective actions, and decrease frustration within the team. Let us start with process barrier. There are specific steps needed for a successful communication. The process barrier includes your ability to create a message, presentation, project plan, etc. The next steps are assuring that the message is transmitted to the receiver…show more content…
• Determine best form of communication based on complexity, number of people involved, needs from cross-functional team members. o Short term / one time requests – use of email, or telephone is appropriate. • Be clear on need. Ask for response to show understanding by receiver. Give opportunity for questions as needed. o Technical communications hold them person to person, or in meeting(s). • Use Power point presentations, with handouts, questions and answer sections, note taker for issues to answer outside of the meeting. o Executive – high level reasons, coasts and benefits to the company. • Give a brief background of issue. If you must use a slide presentation, keep to a minimum. In person works well, plan on leaving 25% of allotted time for questions. o For larger groups / cross-functional communications • Kick off meetings. Have team members sit at circular tables. • Perform some team building techniques. • Brainstorming to confirm understanding level The next barrier type is personal. These barriers can occur for both the sender and receiver. Ones’ ability to send or receive information is effected by many factors. Mood, prejudices against another person, another team, your listening skills, method of communication, all can lead to erroneous interpretations, or level of understanding. Here are tips to help gain overall better communication with your team, peers, and your manager(s). • Present

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