Synthesis Essay On Honor Code

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Honor codes, or sets of regulations "intended to cultivate integrity" have been brought to recent debate. Several educational establishments are initiating a culture of honor codes within their schools. My own school, Sheyenne High School, has such honor codes requiring that students have the responsibility to be honest in their schoolwork. However, disunity over these codes have brought to question whether the codes are honorable or improbable. While at first glance, honor codes appear responsible and promising the unfound skepticism of students brings to light the confusion and doubt of their ability to rewrite student life. Honor codes have been implemented in my school over the past several years, but these codes must be revised to ensure…show more content…
According to student, Alyssa Vangelli, when her school adopted honor codes, "students did not fully understand the role of an honor code," (Source B). The question of honor codes may result in the lack of trust between students and educators. A lack of trust makes the willingness of students to obey become far less likely. Furthermore, this reflects upon the question, how much would truly change with an honor code? As stated by Jennifer Dirmeyer in her opinion piece, it is "skeptical that signing a piece of paper will suddenly cause a cheater to change his ways" (Source C). This unlikelihood of change paired with the student's unwillingness of change makes the impact of honor codes much less appealing. Even within schools implementing honor codes, such as my own school, significant change has not been made. According to a study conducted my Sally Sledge and Pan Pringle, out of the 275 students surveyed, 40% of students have violated the honor code and not been caught (Source E). There instances of confusion, unacceptance, and violation call to question and doubt the effectiveness of an honor code. As for my school’s honor code, the revision must draw attention to why this is an issue, it must make students and teachers feel equal, and it must promote
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