Synthesis Essay On Study Drugs

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Drugs can be a highway to cool psychedelic trips or a lifetime of addiction, there is no in-between. More so, there's no fine line that separates these two situations and the jump from better to worse can only take one more hit of that drug. The illicit use of drugs is not always done with bad intentions; in the case of illegal study drugs use, most students use these drugs because they feel as if it aids them in focusing on their assignments. The illegal use of study drugs by college students can lead to dangerous consequences such as overdoses, addiction, and even death. To prevent further damage to these individuals information regarding the safety and side effects of study drugs from the government should be readily available, in turn doctors should limit to whom they prescribe study drugs, and alternatives to the criminalization of illegal users.

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It was actually kind of scary to watch it happen because he went, he took it and about like within an hour he was so focused that it was like nothing I had ever seen before on someone like that. Because what happened was that he was ridiculously calm, see he was more of an energetic person, it calmed him down and focus like a laser. It was kind of scary because it was almost seemed like his brain was moving at a ridiculous pace because when he would speak his actual speech when he was talking to me, like when I was asking him questions to review for his exam, was so much more sped up. His brain was moving faster than normal and he was focusing a lot harder, but I also noticed that he towards the end of the review session was shaking, like his was shaky, it looked like he was on something almost comparable to like a hard drug like cocaine, something along those lines” ("Person B Study Drugs Interview,"

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