Synthesis Essay: The Fruit Apocalypse

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Your Honor,
I have sworn before your court that all that I shall speak of is true and my defense shall prove that no logical solution to the problem with Mathematics in the U.S. has yet been thrust upon this court.
Now do not misinterpret my claim nor give it short shrift for I, too, have heard of fantastic deeds from faraway mystic lands but I have yet to see the lord’s logical proof. Rather the experts called before this court tell of studies by scientists whose proof is believed to be fact. This is, of course, illogical and contradictory because science, like religion, is based on belief, not fact. A fact that has yet to be found cannot be called a fact. It must, therefore, be called an opinion, or a belief, or a hypothesis. To obtain such proof of their opinion any experiment can be imagined, formed and conducted to find the facts that magically support their belief. Therefore, both science and religion
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If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Sir Isaac Newton
The Fruit Apocalypse
Introduction: (Synthetic a priori vocabulary or new knowledge not derived from experience – Kant)
There are many words in Greek which act as root words in Latin and the Romance Languages. I have three favorites, apocrypto and apocalypto, which are used here, and karismata, which I will use some time down the road. Apocrypto means “I hide or conceal” and from it comes words like crypt and encrypt. It is considered the playground of chaos and disorder and confusion. Apocalypto means “I reveal” and from it comes the word apocalypse meaning “What was hidden is revealed.”
Buy ten different varieties of fruit but make sure it is enough so that each student has one of each. I buy fruit such as grapes, bananas, oranges, kiwi, etc. Pass out the fruit and make sure the students understand that they can eat the fruit only after the lesson is done.
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