Synthesis and Component Analysis of an Iron (Iii) Oxalate Complex

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Experiments 4A-C: Synthesis and Component Analysis of an Iron (III) Oxalate Complex My Name TA, Section B## Work Performed on 10/23, 10/30, & 11/4, 200# Report due Tuesday, November ##, 200# 1. Abstract This experiment initially involved the synthesis of an iron (III) oxalate complex with the general formula Kw[Fex(C2O4)y]·zH2O. The variables x, y, and z were determined through the duration of the entire experiment. From 1.2000g of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2 were synthesized 1.1###g of K3[FeIII(C2O4)3]·3H2O, owing for a percentage yield of 74.###%. A percentage yield of 11#.##% was also calculated, had the final product been K[FeIII(C2O4)2]·2H2O. This value was rejected because experimental errors are never to exceed theoretical values,…show more content…
Experiment 4C utilized Spectrophotometry to determine the iron content in the iron (III) oxalate complex. The results were combined with findings from 4A and 4B to determine the empirical formula and percentage yield of the compound synthesized in 4A. Spectrophotometry is a routine laboratory test that has the added advantage of being able to analyze multiple samples in a short amount of time. The sample to be tested absorbs a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation from a source, and the amount absorbed is related to the concentration of a species in solution—or more specifically, the concentration (c) and the path length (b). the ratio of intensity of light entering the cell (I0) and leaving the cell (I) are related by Beer’s Law. The transmittance (T) represents the fraction of the original radiant energy that passes through, or is transmitted, to the other wise of the cell. These terms are related by the equation: 1  I.  1  I.  ln  = ln  = kbc or log  = log  = εbc (5) T  I T  I The term I0/I is renamed absorbance where A=εbc with A=log(1/T). The conversion between absorbance  100  and percent transmittance is given by A = log  . The most efficient way of determining  %T  concentration is to prepare a set of standard solutions of known concentration,

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