Syria´s Language, Religion, Sports and Pastimes

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Syria’s Language, Religion, Sports, Pastimes, and Leisure Activity In the Syrian culture/lifestyle there are many similarities to America. Now, every country also has their own way of doing things, their own lifestyle, etc. The difference is because of their culture. The Syrian culture has a lot of unique and interesting ways of doing stuff, like how they spend their time,what their favorite sport is, and many more things. And that’s what makes each country different. In Syria, Arabic is the most widely spoken language. Language is also based on where they live. For example: in the mountains, Jabal al-Druze is spoken; Bedawi Arabic is spoken by the nomads; and in Damascus Palestinian and Iraqi Arabic is spoken. Also, Aramaic was spoken before Arabic, and Arabic is not native to anyone in Syria. -> -> -> America is a very diverse country. There are many types of languages spoken there. There is no official language in America, but some states consider it to be English. But the most common languages are Spanish and English. Compared to America, Syria has an official language, but different types of it. America has a lot of different languages spoken because of its great diversity. In Syria there are two main religions: Islam and Christianity. Muslims are followers of Islam, and there are two types of Muslims: Sunni and Shias. Muslims mostly live in northeastern Syria, some in Damascus, and the rest are scattered around Syria. There are many types of

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