Systematic Organization in Learning

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When you classify music in genres, terms such as "Classical" can be rather broad, and it can include both Classical time period (1750-1820) and pieces from the 19th to 21st century. For example, a piece written by J.S. Bach, can be classified as Classical, it is technically more suitably defined as being in the Baroque genre because it is different in terms of sound quality ,composition technique, instrumentation and arrangement.
In conclusion, systematic organization of facts is not fruitful as arts are full of opinions and perspectives. It is difficult to systematize aspects of Arts that are based on personal Knowledge rather it is more subjectivity than propositional ways of knowing. Even if you can systematically organize things such as musical notes in music, the purpose of music is to communicate feelings and emotion, and this cannot be just done by reading the musical notes to play. The technique and intention of the performance included in it. Therefore system in Arts is not as necessary as it is in areas like Natural Science as Arts is not only based on “facts” which leads me to an argument such as whether or not it is always necessary for knowledge to be based on “facts” in order for that knowledge to be considered adequately justified.
The second Areas of Knowledge I will be discussing is natural sciences. I take Biology so I chose to focus on Biology so that I can talk from my experience. System is often used in Natural Sciences in order to help organize a

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