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ENB200 Part 1 – System Case Study New York City Subway Executive Summary A report has been conducted to form literature review on the New York City Subway, an engineering system, which analyses the systems key elements and interactions as well as the context for its operations and future challenges it may face. As the New York City Subway system is an incredibly complex engineering system that involes many vital subsytems, all of which have an important role in the operation of this system, there is as a result many issues that can effect and influence this system such as environmental, political, cultural and technical. This will cause for future issues to be addressed by engineers and scientists such as the addaptation…show more content…
The operation process involves constant monitoring of the system in order to allow for a schedule as well as maintain safety and assure the system is functioning correctly. This all requires many operators such as traffic controllers, drivers and conductors. Software Engineering is a very important part of the operation process as it is responsible for developing software to track rail carts, display arrival times and operate automated train supervision [5]. The final subsystem of this system is the customers or the users. This system includes all the users of the rail system and as the main purpose this system is to provide customers with transportation this subsystem like every other relies heavily upon all the other subsystems in order to allow the rail system to function. Page | 4 ENB200 Part 1 – System Case Study New York City Subway System Interactions Tunnels Paths/Routes Tracks Stations Vehicles Trains/Carts Design Tracking Arrivles Software Automated Train Supervision Power Supply/Source New York City Subway Traffic Lights Paths/Routes Manufacturing and Maintainence Designed Ideas Trains/Carts/Rails Bridges/Tunnels/Stations Sub-System Elements Trains Drivers Staff Supervisers Security/Police Conductors Operation Traffic Controllers Fare Booths Stations Staff Costomers/Users Supervisers Arrivel Times Commuters
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