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S1 CASE STUDY In 2008, the economy in the United States took a severe downturn into a recession. Due to this recession, the management at Thompson Technology “implemented a companywide hiring freeze to curtail labor costs by 10 percent “ (Gusdorf, 2012, p. 1). The lengthy period of uncertainty, job realigning and numerous changes intensified the overall sense of uneasiness and frustration for the employees, which in turn lead, to employee disengagement. Now that some of the most difficult decisions have been made, Human Resources must address the problem of low morale. This particular issue threatens to cost the company in productivity and loss of human talent. In order for HR to address these issues, they will first need to assess the level of disengagement of the employees. Once the assessment is complete, they can begin strategizing ways to improve employee engagement and maintain productivity. When organizations go through major changes, “Employees often have difficulties adapting”, which can lead to higher levels of disengagement (Gusdorf, 2012, p. 10). In order to assess the level of disengagement amongst the workers, Thompson can take several approaches. To begin with, they can pull together Focus groups. These types of groups can be formed to decide on the best approach for reaching the staff in the various departments. Town Hall meetings can be another method in which to gather information from employees. These informal meetings allow HR to reassure…

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