Systems Theory Of Systems Thinking Essay

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Systems Thinking in Organizations
Systems thinking described human thinking in a spiritual activity of the brain, that is, brainwork, following the concept of being as the spiritual alive body. It asserts that thinking means the processing of information that is essential for the management of the human body life (Broks, 2016). This paper discusses systems theory of systems thinking as applied to organizations today, in particular to learning institutions versus those of traditional organizations, and their functionalities. Research has taught us that companies are compelling, hierarchically structured entities. Such dynamism lives in the emergence of significant events at every organizational level (Caldwell, (2012).

Characteristics of Systems Thinking.

According to Davis, Powell, Dent and Wharff (2015), the features of “discovery, action, and framing” are the characteristics of systems thinking that promote organizations success. These three features analyze the organizations ' leadership processes between the linkages and interactions of the whole systems. For example, the three characteristics view the complete organization with its environment and incorporate the discovery component to explores and guarantee boundaries that include all concerns parties. The framing nature gathered patterns of behaviors and make feedback loops design connections that recognizes the points of leverage. The action engages all parties involved in the project by exercising opening

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