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Laurence Hill’s novel, The Book of Negroes, uses first-person narrator to depict the whole life of Aminata Diallo, beginning with Bayo, a small village in West Africa, abducting from her family at eleven years old. She witnessed the death of her parents with her own eyes when she was stolen. She was then sent to America and began her slave life. She went through a lot: she lost her children and was informed that her husband was dead. At last she gained freedom again and became an abolitionist against the slave trade. This book uses slave narrative as its genre to present a powerful woman’s life. She was a slave, yes, but she was also an abolitionist. She always held hope in the heart, she resist her dehumanization. Aminata remains …show more content…

She wrote business letters for Mr. Lindo and managed accounts for him. After she got rid of Solomon Lindo during the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War, she announced notices to other Africans, read news in the café and taught people to read and write. Aminata Diallo was almost famous as a spirit leader, both in African community and buckra community. So she helped finish The Book of Negroes, which is a list of all the slaves’ names, due to her extraordinary language ability. Aminata survived that cruel and criminal slave trade which try every way to dehumanize the slaves. The captors put their captives into coffles and robbed all their clothes off. Buckra believe that slaves do not have emotions and dignity. Aminata survives the passage to America because she is able to apply the knowledge and skills passed on to her by her parents, especially the ability to “catch” babies and to understand some African languages. After she escaped from Solomon Lindo, she survived on her baby catching, reading and writing skills. She was also going to teach her children and other black children. At her daughter May’s school, she finally became a djeli, which she dreamt for a long time ago. “May’s school expanded to include forty and eventually fifty students…. May renamed it the Aminata Academy, and I became known as the school’s grand djeli. Every student in the school knew that the word meant storyteller, and each one looked forward to may Friday morning

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