Table Sustainability : Food For Table Food Movement Essay

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Table Sustainability: Food-to-Table Food Movement Remember that old saying “Don’t eat that, you don’t know what’s in it!” In recent years those words are being uttered more and more frequently. Today, consumers have a renewed interest to know where their food comes from and how it was produced. A not so new food system has risen and is the growing trend that in 2012 had sales totaling 6.1 billion dollars. And with its growing popularity, the USDA in 2014 said it would spend 52 million to support it. (SARE,2015) To begin with, what exactly is a “food system”? Next, what is this old food system that is a growing trend today? Last, why is this food system important to the consumers? In recent years, because of the change in how we eat, it has become more of an issue as to knowing what is in our food. While this was the standard as far as asking “what was in it”, it was somewhat of a generic question. Here as of late, that question has been expected to be more direct with more details. Some industries have tried to make that more hidden in their answers when asked this question. Most companies tend to hide behind very vague explanations as to what their product does and does not contain. While trying to explain their intentions, they also tend to pollute the true facts with numbers that will benefit the company to prop them up trying to show that they are doing the right thing while they actually aren’t. A food system consists of growing crops and providing crops that are

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